Features Powering the
Blizz Global Collaboration Platform

The Blizz Collaboration Companion™ from TeamViewer™ provides innovative features designed to help boost productivity and keep teams aligned.

Desktop and Mobile Collaboration Companion

Stay connected with your teams, even when you're far apart, with Blizz desktop and mobile app cross-platform support.

4K Screen Sharing with Multi Monitor Support

Show your team what you mean. Take turns presenting what's on your screen, switch between monitors, or only share a specific application.

HD Video Conferencing

Meet face to face, even when you can’t be there in person. Start high-def video calls with anyone, from the Blizz desktop or mobile app, with one click.

VoIP Voice Conferencing

If you’ve got an internet connection, you can make a VoIP call with the Blizz Collaboration Companion™ from your desktop or mobile device.

Secure Team-Chat

Signed in or not, Blizz team-chats always reach you. Dated and time-indexed, all messages are securely stored in the cloud, forever.

Conference Recording

Record it all, capture your meetings and screen sharing sessions with stunning 4K quality. Download your videos and for anytime playback on the Blizz app.

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