Desktop and Mobile Collaboration Companion

Turn the world into your conference room. Meet anyone. Anywhere.
No matter what device they’re on. Instantly, with one click.

In the car. On a plane. In a hotel room. In the bathroom…


Alright, maybe there are some places you shouldn’t host a meeting. But for everywhere else, Blizz has you covered. Best of all, everyone can bliss out with a free Blizz account.


PC Desktops. Mac. iPhones. Android devices. Tablets. Hi-speed internet. Low bandwidth. Blizz leaves no one out. Meet your peeps wherever they are, across devices and platforms—instantly.


For mobile meetings that meet your on-the-go lifestyle, the Blizz mobile app gives you collaboration tools in your pocket.

Feature Details

Desktop Collaboration Companion™

Setting up Blizz is a breeze. Got 25 MB on your computer? Blizz installs quickly on your Windows PC or Mac desktop, without hogging up space.

Connect your MS Outlook, import your contacts into Blizz

Add Blizz contacts through email invites.

  • Existing TeamViewer™ or Blizz users can accept new contact requests through desktop notifications or email request.
  • New Blizz contacts can download, install, and sign up for a free Blizz account through your email request.

Check availability of Blizz contacts with color-coded online status updates

Start a video meeting, voice call, or share your screen with anyone in your contact list, with one click.

Invite others to your current meeting by clicking their name in your contact list

Invite people outside your contact list to your meeting by entering their email address.

Launch team-chats for ongoing collaboration. Pick up where you left off on any chat thread—Blizz logs, indexes, date stamps, and time-codes everything. Best of all, your team-chats are stored in the cloud forever. So you can refer back to anything in your discussion streams. Anytime, without missing a beat.

Feature Details

Mobile Collaboration Companion™


Keep your teams productive and aligned, wherever they are.

Start and join meetings on the go, with the Blizz mobile app

Join screen-sharing meetings wherever you are, even on 3G

Cross-device hand-off, transfer Blizz meetings from your iPhone to your desktop instantly

Respond to team-chats anywhere, discussions sync instantly across desktop and mobile devices

Never miss incoming meeting requests on your cell phone, Blizz sends notifications and rings your phone like regular incoming calls

Enjoy crisp, clear audio VoIP calls, while skipping international surcharges

Experience the team bliss Blizz brings, invite your friends and co-workers to the easiest web meeting for meeting, faster. 

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