Secure Team-Chat

Keep the Team Conversations Flowing, with Instant Messaging, across Desktop and Mobile Devices

Sure, email has its time and place. But collaborating on projects is not one of them. Your team thrives on open communication, not endless email threads that confuse and delay work. With Blizz team-chats, your teams stay aligned, even when they’re apart. And work gets done. Faster.

Feature Details

Signed In or Not, Blizz Chats Always Reach You

Add team members to your Blizz contact list, see who’s free to meet with their online status updates, available on your Blizz desktop and mobile Collaboration Companion™.

Send a chat message to any of your online or offline contacts by clicking their name to open the the ‘team-chat’ window.

Signed in or not, never miss a chat. Send messages to online and offline contacts, your chats always reach them with notifications upon next login.

Invite new people to your team-chat, anytime. They’ll only see the thread started the moment they joined in.

What happens in team-chat, stays in team-chat. Dated and time-indexed, all messages are securely stored in the cloud, forever.

Pick up where you left off, your chats are always there for you, saving your spot for your next thought.

Create persistent chat rooms for ongoing group project threads, label discussions for future reference

Start team-chats inside Blizz meetings, add to the thread until the meeting ends.

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