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Talk to Anyone in the World with One-Click VoIP Calls

Working from home. Away on business. Or maybe you’re somewhere exotic. You promised to meet your team on a web conference, but there’s no local or toll-free number available. No worries, use the Blizz app to make VoIP calls from your Wi-Fi/internet connection. Powered by TeamViewer’s global network, Blizz VoIP calls give you superior audio quality than typical voice networks.*

*Audio quality may vary over slow internet connections.

Feature Details

With Blizz VoIP Calls, the World Is Your Conference Room

If you’ve got an internet connection, you can make a VoIP call with the Blizz Collaboration Companion™ from your desktop or mobile device.


Engineered with the newest innovations in data compression technology, Blizz provides crisp, clear audio for voice over IP calls.


With Blizz, skip the international surcharges, call anyone in the world. From anywhere in the world, with one click. 

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