HD Video Conferencing

Meet Face to Face, Like You’re There in Person

Blizz - video chat multiple connections

Your schedule is packed, your deadlines are tight. Your everyday hustle means taking business calls to and from work—and everywhere in between. Using Blizz, you can start voice calls from your iPhone and transfer them seamlessly to your computer, so you can share screens and continue your meetings, without interruption.

Blizz video conferencing tools help you keep up with the pace of business, without cramping your style. It’s like taking your conference room with you, wherever you go. Meet face to face on HD video conference calls with one, two… or even 300 people, from your computer, tablet, or cell phone.

Blizz - security

Peace of Mind for You and Your IT Team

Secured by TeamViewer Technology You Trust

Advanced RSA 2048-bit public/private key exchange and AES 256-bit end-to-end encryption secures all video meetings and chat sessions, for total peace of mind for you and your IT team.

These encryption methods are used by government institutions and financial institutions and are considered completely safe.

What happens in Blizz, stays in Blizz. Blizz keeps all chats, file transfers, video sessions encrypted, for total peace of mind.

Blizz - at the airport

Blizz-ful Video Calls, Anywhere

Bliss Out, without Missing Out

In the car. On a plane. In a hotel. In the bathroom… (?!) Okay, there are some places you shouldn’t host a video meeting. But for everywhere else, Blizz has your back. Jump on video calls with co-workers and clients, or keep in touch with your friends and family. Either way, you’ll bliss out with a free Blizz account.

Top Collaboration Features

Top Blizz features that enable global collaboration and logged team conversations

Secure Team-Chat

Signed in or not, Blizz team-chats always reach you. Dated and time-indexed, all messages are securely stored in the cloud, forever.

4K Screen Sharing with Multi Monitor Support

Show your team what you mean. Take turns presenting what's on your screen, switch between monitors, or only share a specific application.

Conference Recording

Record it all, capture your meetings and screen sharing sessions with stunning 4K quality. Download your videos and for anytime playback on the Blizz app.

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