Instant Meetings

Start Meetings with Your Contacts Instantly, with a Single Click

Blizz - start a meeting

You have a ton of scheduled meetings every week. But to stay competitive and timely, you need to be able to organize quick and urgent meetings with your teams and clients, anywhere, anytime.

Using Blizz, you can start instant meetings with people in your contact list with just one click. So you can focus on your discussions, instead of figuring out how to start and join meetings.

Blizz - audio adjustments and device detection

High-Quality Audio

No Blips, Just Audio Bliss

With stable audio connections over all kinds of internet connections, you won’t embarrass yourself asking if people can hear you—Blizz tells you if others can hear you or not and recommends the best audio setting for you. 

With reliable and steady audio connections, you’ll focus on the meeting discussion, not the technical settings.

Blizz - webclient

Easiest Meetings You’ll Ever Join

Spontaneous Meetings, One Click Away


Things escalate. Unexpected issues happen. You need a way to gather people for urgent meetings, quickly. Unlike other meeting solutions, Blizz allows anyone to join a meeting instantly by simply clicking a meeting link. No account sign-up needed and no registration required. Get straight to your spontaneous meeting, straight from a Blizz link. It’s the easiest meeting you’ll ever join. 

Invite anyone. Join instantly. Blizz leaves no one out.

Blizz - Outlook add-in

Microsoft Outlook Integration

Single-Click Meetings with Outlook Contacts

Blizz plugs into Microsoft Outlook, so you can launch instant meetings with your email contacts. See your contacts’ online status, and go from an email discussion to an instant meeting with one click.

Blizz makes your Outlook even brighter. Tie up loose ends of an email with a quick meeting your contacts can join instantly.

When Teams Are Aligned, Work Gets Done. Faster.

Blizz makes global teams feel local.

4K Screen Sharing with Multi Monitor Support

Show your team what you mean. Take turns presenting what's on your screen, switch between monitors, or only share a specific application.

Secure Team-Chat

Signed in or not, Blizz team-chats always reach you. Dated and time-indexed, all messages are securely stored in the cloud, forever.

Conference Recording

Record it all, capture your meetings and screen sharing sessions with stunning 4K quality. Download your videos and for anytime playback on the Blizz app.

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