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I. Introduction

TeamViewer Germany GmbH (“TeamViewer”) as operator of this website strives to be clear and transparent about any data that we collect and process from and about you and how we do so. In the following policy, we elaborate how we use so-called “cookies”, pixels and similar technologies, (together, “Cookies”), their business purpose and how they allow us to improve our service and run our business. It also tells you how you can manage or delete the Cookies that are stored on your device or manage the use of Cookies. Furthermore, you can find more information about our use of Cookies in sections C., E. and H. of our General Privacy Policy.


II. What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files containing information related to your internet settings, which are downloaded by your browser to the device you use when you visit our website. Cookies are then sent back to the originating website (first-party Cookies) on each subsequent visit, or to another website that recognizes that Cookie (third-party Cookies). Cookies perform a variety of useful jobs, such as remembering your preferences, adapting the content that you see and improving your online experience.


III. When does TeamViewer place Cookies?

TeamViewer uses Cookies on our website (such as, and and mobile applications. Any device with which you are visiting these websites will receive at least some Cookies from us, depending on the consent that you give us when first visiting our website or changing your Cookie preferences at a later stage.


IV. How does TeamViewer place Cookies?

When you visit our websites for the first time with a specific device, we will ask you to choose your preferences through our Cookie banner (“Banner”). Within the Banner you can make a choice according to your wishes, either allowing us to set certain or all Cookies by category, limiting the setting of the Cookies or not selecting any at all. We will place Cookies on your device based on your choice. Please note, however, that some Cookies will always be active, and we do not ask for your consent for these. This applies for “strictly necessary” Cookies, because – as their name suggests – we need to place them for the proper functioning of our website (see also Strictly Necessary Cookies section below).
Furthermore, if you are using the Free Version software as defined in our EULA and Product Specifications, we may place certain third-party Cookies (e.g. Google Analytics) on your device regardless of your preferences based on contract pursuant to Section A, Clause 2.6 and Section B, clause 2.5 of our EULA, respectively. We will exclusively use the information derived from such Cookies for the purposes of providing you with personalized ads for our own products.

Otherwise you can change your preferences at any time in our Cookie Settings.
We may update our Cookie Policy from time to time, in particular to include or remove existing Cookies over time. Any such changes will be updated here or in our General Privacy Policy.


V. What types of Cookies are being used?

    • Different types regarding the provider of the Cookie
      TeamViewer uses both first- and third-party Cookies. First party Cookies are those set by TeamViewer itself. All other Cookies are third party Cookies, from companies such as Google Analytics. In some cases, the information derived from these Cookies may allow us to associate information with an identifiable individual, i.e. personal data (please also see below section VI.).
    • Different types regarding the duration of storage
      • Session Cookies
        Session Cookies last only for the duration of your visit of our website and are deleted when you close your browser. These Cookies help us to identify that a user of a particular device is navigating from page to page or support website security or basic functionality.
        Many of the cookies we use are session Cookies. For example, they help us to measure the average time you spend on our website.
      • Persistent Cookies
        Persistent Cookies continue to exist even after you have closed your browser and allow a website to remember your actions and preferences, particularly remember you as an existing user. Sometimes persistent Cookies are used by websites to provide targeted advertising based upon the browsing history of the device.
        TeamViewer uses persistent Cookies in several ways, for example, to distinguish users of our website and/or our products.
    • Different types regarding the purpose of use
      Session Cookies, as well as Persistent Cookies, can serve different purposes and may be placed either by TeamViewer or by a third party. We differentiate between strictly necessary Cookies, performance Cookies, functional Cookies, and marketing and targeting Cookies.

      • Strictly necessary Cookies
        These Cookies are essential in order to enable us to provide you with basic and security-relevant features of our website. Without these Cookies, certain services you have asked for cannot be provided. Examples for such services are:

        • Use of areas of our website that are restricted to registered users (a Cookie, which identifies registered users to recognize them throughout the visit and upon return, e.g. within the login area of our Management Console)
        • Webshop related services or,
        • Security features for our website to protect our website from DDoS attacks (e.g. Google reCAPTCHA).

        They are usually only set in response to actions made by you which amount to a request for services, such as setting your privacy preferences, logging in or filling in forms. These Cookies are not implemented to gather information about you for other purposes such as marketing or analytics. Please refer to the full list of Cookies that TeamViewer uses in Annex 1.

      • Performance cookies
        These Cookies are used to collect information about the performance of our website and your visit and use of our website, for example, the number of visitors that used our website and the pages that are popular among our visitors. These Cookies do not collect information that directly identifies a visitor, although they may collect the IP address of the device used to access the site. Such information is used for the purpose of improving our website and the general user experience. Without the performance Cookies we will not be able to improve our website and its functionalities to provide you with the best surfing experience. If you do not allow these Cookies, your visit to our site will not be counted, which will negatively impact us when trying to improve our website.
      • Functional Cookies
        These Cookies allow TeamViewer’s website to remember your preferences, such as your username, language settings, and/or the region you are in. These Cookies help to provide enhanced, more personalized features. They can also be used to remember changes you have made to text size, fonts and other parts of web pages that you can customize or provide services you have asked for such as watching a video, using the chat functionality or commenting on a blog. These Cookies do not track your browsing activity across other websites.>/span>
      • Marketing and Targeting Cookies
        These Cookies are used to deliver ads that are more relevant to you and your interests. They are also used to limit the number of times you see an advertisement as well as to help measure the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns. These Cookies collect several pieces of information about your browsing habits. They are usually placed by advertising networks with our permission. They remember that you have visited a website and share this information with other organizations, such as media publishers. These organizations do this in order to provide you with targeted ads that are more relevant to you and your interests. This type of advertising is called online behavioral advertising. Furthermore, these Cookies allow us to analyze your website browsing behavior and thus allows us to customize our product marketing approach, e.g. help us decide on whether, when, and how to inform or get in touch with you based on your interests.

A full list of Cookies that TeamViewer uses can be found below in Annex1.


VI. Is personal data about you processed through Cookies?

Not all Cookies collect and process personal data about you. Instead, anonymous data may be used in many cases. In certain instances, however, Cookies will help us and our partners to collect and process personal data through the use of Cookies. As far as your personal data is concerned, we would like to direct your attention to the respective descriptions in our privacy policies, in particular sections C.I.2., C.VI., D.VI., E.I.1., E.II.1., E.II.2., H., I of our General Privacy Policy. These will tell you more about the applicable categories of personal data and the purposes of the collection and processing that occur in this context. In general, it can be said that the data serves to provide the best possible experience to you when you use our websites and products and to further our business interest in monetizing our products. Please note that you can manage such collection and processing of personal data the same way you can stop the use of Cookies in general (see Cookie Settings).


VII. Supplementary information

We may embed external content from third party websites (e.g. Facebook, YouTube) within our website periodically. In addition to this, we sometimes partner with third parties who provide services for us which you can navigate to from our website. These third parties may use Cookies, you can find out about their approach to Cookies on their websites. In such cases we will update this Cookie Policy with relevant information accordingly.

Annex 1

Here is the full list of Cookies that TeamViewer uses:

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