Desktop Sharing: Total Interaction With Remote Colleagues During Meetings

With Blizz you can share desktop screens and hand over system control to other call participants in just a few clicks.

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Summary: How does desktop sharing with Blizz help me have more interactive meetings?

Desktop sharing is the easiest, most effective way of demonstrating precisely what you are viewing on your device at any given time during an online meeting. With Blizz, not only are you able to share your desktop screen but you are further able to hand over control of your device to a
remote partner. This means that no matter whether you are demonstrating a process to new hires or making edits to a presentation, you are able to fully cooperate and interact with colleagues. Blizz’s clear, streamlined design makes the service simple and intuitive to operate. This ease of use combined with the various communication channels available mean you can save valuable time setting up and holding meetings.

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What benefits does Blizz’s desktop sharing solution
offer during meetings with either colleagues or customers?

Share your desktop during an online meeting

Blizz works on various devices and platforms, which allows you to enjoy iPhone screen share with a Windows computer. This means that no matter whether your colleagues, customers or clients are on-the-go or working from home, there are no compatibility issues preventing them from participating. Using the high quality resolution offered by Blizz, you are further able to use data shared onscreen easily and effectively to illustrate specific points during your meetings, leading to better collaboration and greater productivity.

Use desktop sharing software for better online support

Aside from being a platform for holding online meetings, Blizz is a great resource for teams looking to offer instant and easy IT support. Using the connection established through desktop sharing, tech support administrators can instantly use the presenter role to take command of their partner’s mouse and access files and settings on the remote computer. Meanwhile, the screen chat feature enables you to keep up communication with the partner user while you have taken control of their machine.

What features are included as part of Blizz’s desktop sharing service that will help me to collaborate better with other colleagues?

Collaboration Tools

With a single click you are able to not only share your screen with call holders but annotate it too using the online whiteboard.

Remote Desktop Control

Take control of a remote partner’s desktop instantly during a call and enjoy full access to their files and settings, while maintaining clear audio communication alongside.

Transfer Files

Transfer text, audio and video files while on an active call so all participants can access information simultaneously. This removes the need for anyone to share files prior to a meeting.

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What level of security does Blizz offer me to ensure the safety of my data and account information?

Blizz uses TeamViewer’s industry-leading security levels to ensure your online safety

End-to-end encryption is used for all messages sent on Blizz, as well as during all meetings and video conferences

Two-factor authentication and trusted devices further ensure Blizz accounts are safeguarded against unauthorized access

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