Blizz makes TeamViewer more powerful – and vice versa.

As an existing TeamViewer user, you can:

  • Login with your TeamViewer account
  • Access your TeamViewer contacts from Blizz
  • Invite more people to your online meetings
  • Easily collaborate with non-TeamViewer users

The only thing to keep in mind: Blizz meeting participants need a Blizz client available from

All about Blizz.

At TeamViewer, we believe in seamless simplicity. Done right, technology should enhance your life, help you tackle challenges, and give rise to new ideas. Through better integration, we already streamline your work and make real-time remote support an easy, intuitive experience.

Now, our latest brainchild – Blizz – does just that and more: This super simple, one-click meeting and online collaboration tool makes online exchange as easy and intuitive as meeting face-to-face. With a few powerful extras.

Enjoy high quality meetings with up to 300 people, sharing screens and files like you’re in the same room. Join from any device, wherever you are: Blizz works on PC, Mac and mobile devices. And did we mention there’s no need to sign up?

Any meeting is just a quick click away – straight from your contacts or Office software – but Blizz also comes with several smart extras like mixed VoIP and phone dial-in, integrated instant messaging, end-to-end encryption for the whole meeting including audio, and even a whiteboard to mark up your screen.

And while Blizz is free-to-use for personal users, business subscribers benefit from added perks like free dial-in numbers, recording and reporting

At the same time, Blizz is no new kid on the blog, but leverages the high performance TeamViewer backend and architecture for added performance and security.

« Blizz is based on proven TeamViewer technology – powering more than 400 million sessions per month. So, feel free to enjoy your next meeting. Blizz will take care of the rest. »

Andreas König, TeamViewer CEO

Why Blizz?


Join or start a meeting with a single click, e.g. through, chat in the partner list, or Outlook contacts - all without registration


Run meetings with up to 300 participants on Windows or Mac, iOS and Android


With High Quality VoIP or free, local telephone numbers, work with either audio sources in the same meeting


User-specific meeting IDs mean that you always know where to invite people to, and can leverage persistent chat from any device

Compare now. Try today.

The instant, seamless way to meet and collaborate – built on strong TeamViewer technology.

Max no. of participants
Sign-up required
Mix of VoIP & phone
Local phone numbers
Login with TeamViewer account
Access TeamViewer contacts
Presence indicator in MS Office
Launch chat, call or meeting from MS Office